Nexus Femme Bisous

bisous boxIt’s been a while since I’ve been so excited at the thought of trying a sex toy that there has been shrieking involved. But there was a fair amount of squealing going on when I found out that Lovehoney were sending me the Nexus Femme Bisous to review. I had been lusting after it for a while. I’m a great fan of rabbit style vibrators as I tend to need both clitoral and internal stimulation to reach orgasm so this looked right up my street.

Nexus Femme Bisous

The reason for me lusting so much after the Bisous was the rotating internal shaft. I don’t really get much from internal vibrations on other rabbits, usually tending to have them switched off as I just enjoy clenching around them more. This made me think that the Bisous would hit my fussy internal spots brilliantly and there was the added bonus that I might get some G-spot stimulation – woohoo!


When this product arrived I was seriously impressed. bisous box and bagDespite owning other premium make toys, I had never previously received a toy that arrived in its own gift bag, complete with amazingly designed packaging and a nexus Bisous compact mirror! I cannot reiterate enough that no expense has been spared in the designing of this product, which hopefully means that it has been made just as well.

bisous and accessories

Contained in the gorgeous box is the Bisous, an instruction booklet, a storage bag and a bright pink USB charging cable. I love the fact that the cable is coloured as it means it is easy to differentiate from all the million and one other cables I seem to have lying around my house constantly (not all sex toy related!). The Bisous itself is sat in a mock velvet covered mould which looks great, however it leaves the toy covered in weird black flecks. They clean off relatively easily but it means you can’t really store it in the box.

bisous buttonsThe Bisous itself is made from a high quality silicone, which feels lovely and smooth but has a fair amount of drag. As it is silicone it is best to use a water-based lube with this toy. It measures 9″ in total with 4.5″ insertable length and a 4.5″ circumference at its widest point. The shaft feels hard under the squishy silicone layer and the clitoral stimulator is really flexible at the base, meaning it can be bent back.


bisous buttons close upIt has 3 control buttons: an on/off switch (hurrah no holding down for ‘X’ seconds to switch off!), a button to change between the two speeds of the rotating shaft and a button to scroll through the 6 different settings for the clitoral vibrator (3 speeds and 3 patterns). Holding down either the shaft rotate or clitoral vibrator buttons will turn them off respectively so you can have the shaft rotating but no clitoral vibrations or vice versa.

Switching the Bisous on, I found that the rotating shaft is surprisingly strong. If held tightly in my hand it continues to spin although if I don’t hold the handle tightly then that does instead! (Is it embarrassing to now admit that I didn’t think my internal muscles were up to the job of testing if the rotating could be stopped?!).

The Bisous was easy to insert when lubed due to its nice curved shape which also made it rest nicely inside me. When inserted the reason for the large handle becomes apparent as it is so easy to grip and hold unlike other toys, which is all the more important on this toy as you need a strong hold on it to keep the internal shaft rotating and not the handle.

bisous sideI found that to get the rotations anywhere near my G-spot (in fact for me to feel them at all!) I had to push it inside me quite far and really angle it towards the front of my body. The rotating shaft felt fantastic like that and was really hitting the right spots without being painful or stabby. Having the shaft inserted so far and at such an angle unfortunately meant that the clitoral vibrator was bent almost back on itself (thank god it is so flexible!), which meant it wasn’t really providing much clitoral stimulation – the tip of it was just about touching my clitoris but not really doing anything.

The clitoral vibrator has a relatively good strength to it. It is nowhere near the deep rumbles of the Tango but stronger than many little bullets I have tried when on its highest setting. I didn’t test out the patterns – although I did flick through to make sure they were actually there – as to be honest they just don’t ever do it for me. To get it to sit perfectly on my clitoris I had to pull the internal shaft out and straighten it up inside me, which felt good in terms of clitoral sensation but made the rotating shaft pointless for me.

The best way I found for me to use it was to initially have it inside me so it hit my G-spot but barely touched my clitoris, and then sort of ‘wiggle’ it quickly in and out so it alternated between the rotating shaft hitting my G-spot and the clitoral stimulator hitting my clitoris. This did bring me to orgasm but it did seem to take an awful lot of time and was pretty frustrating as it was spectacularly hit and miss as to whether it brought me closer to orgasm or took me farther away!

bisous box 2I have got this toy out on several occasions and have always seemed to have this ill-fitting issue with it, which is really frustrating as it has the potential to be amazing for me if it just fit me better. It has always bought me to orgasm eventually but it just seems like a major battle getting there and leaves me feeling a bit confused – I’m glad I won the battle but I’m not entirely sure what I was fighting for.

I was sent the Nexus Femme Bisous free of charge by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. You can buy it here.

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