Poker for lovers

Poker For LoversI decided to purchase the Poker For Lovers set to add to a goodie box I was making my partner for Christmas. As neither of us knew how to play poker I thought this would be a fun way to learn and also neither one of us would win all the time as we would be learning together.

The game arrived quickly and discreetly, it comes in a pretty large box considering what is included. The box has a cartoon drawing on the front of a semi-clad couple lying on a poker table and also samples of the included poker chips round the edges so isn’t really suitable to be left lying around if you have children or nosy guests!

Included in the box is supposedly a 52 card deck, 30 Poker For Lovers (2)blue poker chips for him, 30 pink poker chips for her and a brief instruction page with rules for 5-card draw poker and information on the ranking of hands. Unfortunately we only had 29 blue chips as one of the ‘1 minute’ chips was missing but we just took a pink one out.

The cards have the ‘poker for lovers’ logo on the back so we won’t be using them for other cards games (well not if anybody else is around!) which is a shame as if they were plain they would probably have been used more. They seem reasonably well made and like they will last a while as they are plastic coated. The rules provided are pretty basic but we still managed to figure out how to play using them (well as far as we know, we could be playing it wrong!).

The pink and blue chips are each divided into 1, 2 and 3 minute activities and are used instead of money values when betting.

Poker For Lovers (3)Examples of chips are:
1 minute telling of a fantasy
1 minute playful spanking
2 minutes explore body with hands
2 minutes watch me masturbate
3 minutes oral sex
3 minutes tie me up and…..

Essentially you only bet what you are willing to do if you lose the hand and your partner gets the chips. If there are some neither of you are interested in the you could take them out or use them as something else.

There are several ways you can use the chips after winning or losing them; you could perform the activities on the chips after each hand for a long build up of foreplay, you could save them all up to perform after play has finished for a marathon session afterwards or you could keep them to use at a later date, eg 2 days later you could whip out the ‘3 minute sex on a table’ chip and get down to it then! The chips could also be used for other games or betting which is great.

Poker For Lovers

Let the games begin!

Overall we had a lot of fun learning to play with the poker for lovers set and I think it will be making a regular appearance in our house!

You can buy Poker For Lovers here.

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