Swoon ‘Get the Massage’ sensual gift set

Swoon Get The MassageThe ‘Get the Massage’ sensual gift set is the first product I have tried from Swoon. It is 2 Swoon products packaged in a gift box and is available from Boots. The products it contains are the ‘Burning Desire Luxurious Massage Candle’ and ‘Massage in a Bottle Sensual Massage Oil’.
The set looks really appealing in its gift box which is decorated with swirls, stripes and hearts and comes with a card wraparound label decorated in the signature swoon retro style. It is really nicely presented and would make a fantastic gift.
Inside the box is a rather large amount of black crepe paper strands to protect the products and fill out the box. Also contained is a little leaflet detailing other swoon products available.
The burning desire massage candle comes in a metal heart shaped tin which looks cute and romantic. Upon taking off the lid you can really smell the sweet watermelon scent (although my partner guessed it was citrus after I got him to smell it!) which is nice and refreshing. When lit, the candles melts into an oil which can then be used for massaging onto the skin. This is where the cute heart shaped tin causes a bit of a faff- you will neverSwoon Get The Massage be able to burn the whole candle as it is due to the fact that the heat from the flame can’t reach the extremities of the tin. However this issue is easily rectified as you can break bits off and push them further towards the centre.

The candle comes with a spoon to use to drizzle the oil onto a partner which is handy if you don’t trust yourself (or your partner!) to pour it straight from the tin. The candle gives off a lovely scent when lit and after 15-20 minutes has a decent amount of wax melted. The warm wax is really smooth and creamy to apply to the skin and I found it didn’t sink in too quickly as some products can. It lasted a decent length of time for the massage and left the skin it was applied to feeling really smooth.
The massage in a bottle massage oil also looks really nice in a dark tinted bottle with retro inspired label. The bottle is slightly squeezy to assist in getting the oil out and comes with a press down lid to help you dispense the amount you want. I find that these lids are really easy to not close properly which would result in major oil escape-age so I always keep this stood upright.
Swoon Get The MassageThe oil is weirdly becoming an addiction of mine, I find the scent so unlike anything I have smelt before so often find myself opening it just to have a sniff! The oil to me smells like an amazing mixture of coconut, orange and lime which manages to be both sweet and refreshing at the same time yet not sickly or overpowering. It really does smell fantastic.
The oil feels really silky and smooth when used, not at all greasy or sticky which is great. It lasts a good length of time when being massaged in(about 20 minutes or so before we had to reapply) and absorbs brilliantly without leaving any residue behind. After using this oil my skin felt so soft and silky for a really long time and the lingering smell of the oil was really pleasant.

Both the candle and the oil are supplied in large enough quantities to be able to give (or receive!) several massages each so this is a really good value for money set. I would also really recommend this if you were wanting to buy a gift for somebody as I think it would be a lovely item to receive.
Overall I think this is a great product and I am really impressed with my first try of the swoon range and will definitely be trying more in the future.

I was sent the ‘Get the Massage’ gift set free of charge by Boots in exchange for an honest review. It is available to buy Here and at larger Boots stores.

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