Sqweel Go

Sqweel Go (3) I was so excited to try out this toy as I love receiving oral sex but I’m one of those women who normally takes a long time to orgasm. My partner was as excited as me I think as he was hoping it meant he wouldn’t get repetitive strain injury in his tongue!

I took this out right away to get it charged and ready for the evening, the instructions say to plug the lead into the base which caused me a bit of a problem at first as I assumed the clear section was a cover so spent a while trying to open it before I realised the charger pushes in through the middle.

It is one of the cutest sex toys I think I’ve ever seen, mine is the nice pink colour and the fact that it is rechargeable is great, no more spending a fortune on batteries. It’s pretty quiet compared to what I expected even on the fastest setting so could be used out and about.

I thought I would give this a whirl on my own before my partner came home, I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t expecting to orgasm from it as so far the only toy that has made me come from clitoral stimulation alone is the Lovehoney mini wand.
Sqweel Go (4)

The sqweel go has 3 speeds and 3 patterns, I personally found it best to use one of the continuous speeds when just using it on my clit and the patterns when my partner used it on my clit and his fingers in me. In my opinion the sqweel feels totally different from normal vibrations although I wouldn’t say it feels quite like oral sex but its pretty close!

I applied lube to myself and started off on the slowest speed which was a nice warm up. I then sped it up, I was surprised to feel close to orgasm on the second setting and pretty shocked to have an orgasm when I put it on the fastest speed! The sqweel has definitely been added to my very short list of items that I can use solo and know I’ll achieve orgasm!

Later on my partner used the patterned settings on me whilst rubbing my g-spot, the combination soon had me squirting which caused a bit of a problem; as the handle is pretty rounded as soon as it got wet it was quite slippery and difficult for my partner to hold.

Another little gripe with the sqweel go is the fact that its pretty hard to stand it up, it is possible but it wobbles about like anything! I would also have liked some sort of cover to go over the tongues like the previous sqweel had to keep it clean. Obviously you can just keep it in a storage bag instead.

The Sqweel Go will definitely be coming out to play quite often both solo and with my partner, it’s a great addition to our toy box and I would highly recommend it, good job Lovehoney!
Sqweel Go Sqweel Go (2)

I received the Sqweel Go free of charge from Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. The Sqweel Go is available to buy here

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