Durex play very cherry lubricant

Durex Play Very Cherry

Durex Play Very Cherry

Like the rest of the Durex play range- Durex play very cherry comes in a tube with a drip and spill proof pump top meaning it can be thrown back in a drawer without worry of it getting everywhere.

The lube is clear and quite thick, meaning it stays exactly where you put it. It has a silky feel which is great as other lubes we have tried have been quite sticky whereas this glides on easily and lasts for a really long time – a little goes a long way! It is slightly stickier than the feel version of this lube I must admit.

Having a mild obsession of all things cherry means that this is one of my favourite lubes, I can’t get enough of the cherry taste as I don’t find it too sweet or sickly. It is one of my go to lubes for oral sex for this very reason. My partner however does find it slightly sickly but is still more than happy to use it on me.

We have also used this lube for both vaginal and anal sex and it works well for both. We found when using that there seemed to be a definite warming sensation coming from the lube which is arousing in all 3 ways that we use it.

Overall I think this is a great tasting lube that won’t break the bank.

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