Durex Play Feel Lube

Durex Play Feel Lube

Durex Play Feel is a lube that most people have more than likely often seen due to it being available in many supermarkets and chemists. Does the fact that it is not just available from a sex store make it a lesser product? Personally I think not…

Durex Feel lube comes in a tube with a handy pump top that dispenses a perfect amount of lube so you’re not there for hours trying to get any out or squeezing out a whole bottle full in a rush. It also means that it’s drip/spill proof so if it’s just thrown down in the throes of passion and accidentally rolled on then it’s not going to leak everywhere – very useful!

The lube itself is clear and reasonably thick, it doesn’t run off when trying to apply but stays where you put it which is good as nobody wants the sheets lubed! It provides great long lasting coverage with a nice silky feel to it- not sticky like others we have since tried. A little goes a long way so don’t be put off by the small sized bottle as it will last a long time.

I found that I definitely ‘feel’ more when using it vaginally and everything seems more sensitive and I achieve orgasm quicker. I cannot say I have noticed increased sensitivity when using it anally, it still does the job and makes anal penetration easier although it does not feel as ‘cushioned’ as other anal specific lubes.

Due to being water based it is suitable for use with toys which I use it for quite often and I find it really enhances the pleasure I get.

Durex Play Feel Lube Label

Durex Play Feel Lube Label

Unfortunately the lube tastes awful so I would recommend putting it on after oral sex otherwise you’ll be left with a very unpleasant taste in your mouth!

This is the first lube me and my partner tried years ago and I have to say it is one we keep going back to. We use it for normal vaginal sex and I use it for toy play when I don’t want to use up my other more expensive lubes.

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